HAWKS Racing e.V.

HAWKS Racing e.V. is a Formula Student Team of the Hochschule für Angewandte Wissenschaften Hamburg – University of Applied Science. The team develops and manufactures racing cars for themselves for the Formula Student-race, the biggest international construction competition for students. The project helps the student to use their theoretical knowledge gained through their studies at the university. AERO is “part of the passion” and helps the HAWKS-Team to fly! Read more on the HAWKS Racing homepage.

VDI nachrichten

VDI nachrichten is a weekly-published newspaper focused on the technical, economical and social field. Additional to its publishing, VDI nachrichten organizes the “VDI nachrichten”-recruiting day, where AERO also participates. Find out more about VDI nachrichten on its homepage.


The organization WIngLA (Wirtschaftsingenieure Landshut) is an association of the local University of Applied Science, which supports the interests of the industrial engineers. Read more about the organization on its homepage.


VWI ESTIEM (European Students of Industrial Engineering and Management) is an organization, which was established to support the students of the major industrial engineering at Hochschule Bremen – University of Applied Science. Read more on the VWI ESTIEM Bremen homepage.