Unternehmen – Unsere Philosophie. Unsere Kompetenz

Rising Together – Team Spirit, Our Principle.

Take off with AERO – Find your next job at a leading company in the aviation/ aerospace industry

To find the best working place for our employees and the best work force for our clients we are consequently using our team-spirit-principle.

  • Throughout the entire process, we stay in close contact to our clients. And even after.
  • Our philosophy includes a high level of respect, fairness and trust. Towards everyone.
  • We embrace diversity and appreciate all applications, no matter of gender, nationality, ethnic background, religion, ideology, abilities, disabilities, or age.


To Provide the Best, You Need the Best. We’ve Got the Best.

The innovation standard within the aviation and aerospace industry is very high. To be able to achieve a competitive advantage, you have to be able to keep up with its rapid tempo. Flexible, high qualified and team players are high demanded candidates and even more difficult to find.

Due to our close relation to the market and to our clients, we are aware of problems. And also know the solutions. Our job is it to find the best workforce for our clients.

To provide a team of high professionals, who is able to guarantee a company’s success and is able to solve multinational and challenging tasks without any problems.

We are specialized in the aviation and aerospace field because this is the industry we know. All our knowledge is getting used to fulfill a successful recruiting of the right people. It is not easy to find a good workforce and to find the best is even a more difficult challenge. A challenge we have accepted. We do what we can and we can what we do!