Bewerber – Richtig bewerben

We have high standards! Show us yours!

Ten hints how to apply right!

You should see your application as your ticket to a new stop in your life. Writing a “high professional” application will take some time, please do not rush through the process.

If you need some hints to help you with your application, you will find some information below.

  1. We kindly ask you to send us your application via e-mail or with the help of the button “Direkt bewerben” on our homepage. It will save you money and will also protect the environment.
  2. To guarantee the fastest possible assessment of your application, please send us a complete application. This includes a detailed CV, copies of your certificates and your recommendation letters from your former employers as well as a short cover letter. In the end, you should have three PDF-documents (CV, certificates and cover letter).
  3. Try to take copies/ make scans of all of your recommendation letters and your certificates of your degrees. The recommendation letters of your last three employers are the most important ones.
  4. Please do not scan your detailed CV or your cover letter. You should just scan your signature and paste it on the last page of your CV.
  5. If you are a citizen of a country outside of the European Union, please send us also a copy of your valid residence and work permit for Germany.
  6. Your cover letter should include the information of the earliest date you are able to start working as well as your desired salary.
  7. If you like to send us a picture with your application, please make sure that it has been taken on a professional level and fulfills the requirements of an application picture.
  8. You should state your work experience and your tasks during internships in short and detailed key points in your CV.
  9. Please mention and rate your IT skills, language skills as well as any special knowledge in your CV.
  10. Please stay with one editing style throughout your entire application, especially in your CV when stating the time frame of your different stations in your life. Please do not forget to mention also the month; for example 06/1998 – 02/2003, 06.1998 – 02.2003 or June 1998 – February 2003.

Have you followed all hints? Then your application style should be on a “high professional” formal level. We are looking forward to your application!